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These companies are propagating and benefiting from a grossly incredible theory / story that a ‘rishi’ ( monk or sage ) named Chayavan had got himself rejuvenated by consuming an Ayurvedic preparation claimed to be similar to that which these companies are making and selling today.

Author’s this article is a further extension to his comments made by him on Paramus Post Health Highlights article titled “Medical experts lukewarm about dietary supplements”, by Ryan Ori ( May 24, 2007 ).SOME PEOPLE SAY CHYAVANPRASH IS OF DIVINE CONSTRUCTION, BUT I SAY IT IS A SUICIDAL MODE OF CRIME AND SELF-DESTRUCTION.For many-many decades Ayurvedic companies in India, Nepal, U.S., etc., have been making fool of the consumers by feeding them a mixture of dead, disintegrated, and deep fried herbs under the generic name of CHYAVANPRASH, with the baseless and fraudulent claim that Chyavanprash increases immunity.People of the world shouldn’t waste their money in buying such nonsensical, farcical, deep-fried and dead products, against which author's message is : CHYAVANPRASH IS A CRUDE ‘FOOD COMEDY’ ; IT LEADS TO HEALTH- AND POCKET-TRAGEDY ; IT IS ITSELF A MALADY ON WAY TO FIND A REMEDY.

CHEMISTRY FOR HUMANITY AND DIVINITY [ CHD ]---a non profit organization to which author is closely attached---has no hitch to accuse Chyavanprash manufacturers for engaging in underhand marketing techniques aimed at selling high-sugared ( up to 70 % ), body-fattening junk food supplements to the people of all age groups, including children.

CHD’s long research, survey, and study has kept track of the marketing tactics of many of the Chyavanprash companies – Emami, Dabur, Zandu, Himalaya, etc., for the past many years, and has interviewed hundreds of people prior to the publication of this article.

CHD’s survey and research has found that Chyavanprash companies by adopting the most popular marketing tactic---the "viral marketing"---( by misusing television and / or the internet ) are fooling the gullible consumers to emulate their false, baseless, and charlatanistic propaganda that carries scientifically impossible messages. of Kolkata ( India ) for selling its Ayurvedic food supplement—SONA CHANDI CHYAVANPRASH---in which dangerous heavy elements, GOLD and SILVER, have been added in metallic form.

The Chyavanprash manufacturers are also targeting parents in an attempt to make their sugar-shock junk food supplements seem like healthy options for their children. Amitabh Bachchan, is brazenly misusing his tall image and popularity in unethically promoting the Dabur brand of Chyavanprash. Sharukh Khan, is breaking all records of promoting quackery by delivering, through T. advertisements, a fraudulent message like this : “GOLD GIVES SMART BODY, AND SILVER GIVES SHARP BRAIN”. If science exists in a country, it will never allow this sort of quackery-laden message to be spread through any medium.

How can parents be expected to give their children a healthy and balanced diet when these sophisticated-but cunning tactics which tantamount to crime against health are targeting their children, either in the very front of them or behind their backs ? The advertisement messages spread by most of the Chyavanprash companies are simply empty rhetoric, and are meant to cheat the gullible people, and earn money by unethical tactics. or newspaper ad of any quality, be it hundred percent senseless and full of quackery, is allowed unhindered by the food, drug, and health authorities.

The UK ad regulator OFCOM had announced recently that it would enforce a ban on junk food ads during T. programs targeting at children younger than 16 years old, as well as a complete ban on junk food ads on children's channels and children's programs on adult channels but are also watched by many children. And the quacks who get encouragement by the ‘cooperation’ of the Govt.