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Hoping to be friends first before marriage.” As Hai Ning begins to meet with an endless stream of potential marriage candidates and then meets Benjamin (Christopher Lee), will he help Hai Ning finish her the experiment and the book? Right Wanted Original TV Soundtrack (OST) (徵婚啟事 電視原聲帶) was released on December 5, 2014 by various artists under Rock Records.

It contains 16 tracks total, in which 4 songs are various instrumental versions of the songs.

The opening theme is track 1 "No Sincerity No Love 無誠勿愛" by 831 八三夭, while the closing theme is track 2 "What Once Was Lost, Now Is Found 半婚迷" by Shi Shi 孫盛希.

With no way to pay back the money, he thought about going to the dark side by getting into the kidnap and ransom business.

But instead of becoming a kidnapper, he ended up saving a girl from a real kidnapping.

The girl turned out to be the sole heir of a conglomerate who faced thes…

more George Hu plays a man who is buried by his parents' gambling debts.

The girl turned out to be the sole heir of a conglomerate who faced these kinds of threats every day. mistaken love confession, she hires him to be her butler and helps repay his parents' debts.

Grateful to have gangster collectors off his back, he vows to protect her from harms, which is no easy task.When a bad idea goes horribly wrong, can it turn out in the end to be a good thing?Ling Qi Sa (George Hu), who goes by “Xiao Sa,” is a young man who was not born to the right parents.Copyrights and trademarks for the dorama, and other promotional materials are the property of their respective owners.) is a 2014 Taiwanese comedy, romance drama television series produced by UDN Productions, starring Sonia Sui, Christopher Lee, Guo Shu Yao, Jerry Huang, Hans Chung, Chang Shao Huai, and Emerson Tsai as the main cast.When a woman tackles online dating, is it for work, is it to get back at her ex-boyfriend, or is it to fill a void in her life?