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By passenger cabin, I mean any place a passenger could legitimately go to, such as seats, aisle, galley, bathrooms (I do not mean places like the cockpit, cargo area, outside perimeter of the plane, etc).

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Based in London since 2007, Prisce de Cockroach has been involved with the organization and production of the squat party Behind Bars and Antagony (together with Josè Macabra and Meerak Meinohg).

During these years, S/He was invited to play in different clubs and underground venues.

Always exploring various music fields, S/He gives warmth to dark techno and hardcore rhythms.

The Cockcroach's sets carries personal and universal stories: it immerses you into her/his dark and deep world.

The Cockroach has been playing around Europe: Wroclaw, Warsaw (Lady fest), Berlin (Pornfilm Festival, Sabotage, Sabbat, Poopsy Club), Barcelona (Behind Bars, ), France (Festival xxyz, Tpd, Secret Party), London (Behind Bars, Queer Bash, Kaos, Antagony, The Garden of Earthly Delights, Interzone.........).From Insurgents Soul (Barricade radio #26) A vital member of the crews that brought you Behind Bars and Antagony, it's a delight to welcome Prisce de Cockroach onto the show.We've had him/her earmarked for a guest slot since we launched back in September.Prisce favours a dark, moody techno sound - not too hard or fast, but sick and twisted to the core.The start of this mix is relatively gentle, but before long the energy levels rise and dark drums threaten to engulf the listener.What follows is one of the most tense build-up sections of any guest mix we've featured to date.