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Whilst it's not an exclusively EOS club, we have a wide range of members with a selection of EOS cameras in use.

Website Windsor Photographic Society The Windsor Photographic Society is the long-established photographic club for Windsor and the surrounding area.The Society meets at the Windsor Arts Centre at the Old Firestation in Windsor.It draws together local amateur photographers at all levels of experience and ability, including absolute beginners – in fact there's little our experienced members enjoy more than passing on their skills to newcomers!If you're interested just call in at any of our Monday evening meetings at the club around 8pm – the Committee and members will be pleased to welcome you and explain what the club is all about.Alternatively, for more information feel free to email a committee member for more details.

Website Image Z camera club The club is based in Weston Turville, just outside Aylesbury.We have a growing number of members of all ages, and almost half of our 50 members are female which seems to be quite unusual in camera clubs – at least in this area.The club uniquely offers workshops for new photographers just starting to learn the basics, studio workshops to learn about studio lighting, and competes with other clubs locally and further afield.As with any hobby it is useful to meet up with like-minded individuals to share your knowledge and learn from others.The EOS magazine forum is a great place to chat to fellow EOS enthusiasts online, but it can be even better to meet up from time to time.Forum members organise occasional events, but camera clubs are also a great place to get together.