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In fact, online dating can accelerate the feeling of dating burnout by offering you a faster way to meet people and move through the stages of dating.For many online daters it's not uncommon to communicate with five or six potential matches via email, exchange several phone conversations, and experience one or two real-life dates – all in one week.

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It's important that you think about your long-term endurance and organize your efforts in a strategic fashion.If you feel like you're already in the "jaded zone," here are some helpful ways to rekindle your spark for dating: 1.Pace yourself One of the reasons for your jaded outlook may simply be the pace at which you're communicating and dating.It can be tempting to book every spare moment with a date-related activity.It can be enticing to fill every workday pause with an online trip to check your matches.

Searching for a soul mate is, by its nature, an exciting exercise; your adrenaline starts to flow at just the thought of a potential new person.

But over time, these moments of excitement can leave us with a roller-coaster hangover.

Make sure you balance your efforts so your soul mate search isn't the only interesting thing on your weekly calendar.

Why is the soul mate search so full of trials and tribulations?

You stand with millions of men and women who are using online dating to find their soul mates and discovering that it can be -WORK.

Because you're not searching for a casual date.