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Only the most dugg stories will appear on the front page of the website.

It also recommends music, videos and concerts based on what like and you listen to.You can also find free music downlaods Info: is a website where you can watch stand-up comedy and comedian videos, read funny jokes including Joke of the day, blonde jokes and way more. Info: Yeah, I know, another social networking website, but it’s a really a great website for making new friends.The website is also used to find a date and discovering new events, bands, hobbies, and more.Users can share content including videos, photos, messages and comments with friends via their profile and their network. View the complete library of comics strips like Get Fuzzy, Flight Deck, Secret Asian Man, Wizard of Id, Working Daze, Opus.Linxiting is going to start with the category “Topic of the week”. You can connect and interact with other people, make new friends, play games, watch video’s and many more. Users can upload and share as many videos they want.

If you don’t already know the website (I doubt it), you really have to try it.

Don’t try them all in one day, because before you know it, you will be behind your computer for hours Oh, and the best part is, they are all free. Info: Facebook is a social networking website where you can register for free.

You can find everything: movie clip, TV clips, music videos and even amateur videos such as video blogging and explaining things like, how to create a website of how to make virtual effects.

Info: Netlog is almost the same as Facebook, except they specifically targeted the European youth. Members can create their own web page, extend their social network, publish their music playlists, share videos, post blogs and join groups called clans’.

Info: Digg is a news-website where you can share content you found on the internet with people all over the world.

You can submit stories, links, videos or images and vote on other stories, links, videos or images, this last thing is called “Digging”.