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The Andhra Muslims on the other hand have been little influenced by foreign cultures.

Barring a few of the Telangana districts, they almost universally speak a variant of Dakhni i.e.

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In their food habits and other secular practices, they are indistinguishable from their Non Muslim neighbours.Most of the Andhra Muslims are Sunni, and follow the Hanafi school of Islamic Jurisprudence.Nevertheless, Shia and Mahdavi communities has sizeable populatin in various districts.Shia practices like Rajab (Imam Jafar Sadiq) Ke Kunde / Kheer Pooriyan and fire-walk during Muharram are prevalent among an insignificant few.Machilipatnam also known as Bandar, a town in Krishna District has the second largest Shia population in Andhra Pradesh after Hyderabad, though.

Mahdavia Muslims are widely populated in Vijayawada, Pendyala, Pursapatan and other towns in Krishna District, beside they also lived in almost all other districts of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema.

Mahdavis,who believe Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri as their Promised Mahdi Mahdi Al Ma'oud, strictly adhere to five pillars of Islam, Quran, and traditions of Prophet Muhammad, though they revered all four Imams of Islamic Jurisprudence,but widely follows the practices similar to Hanafi jurisprudence.

South Dakhni is the language spoken by Andhra Muslims.

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