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You know why gay women have sex once and then end up dating for three to seventy-five years?

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The purpose of porn, however, is not to produce orgasms for the people who are having sex.The purpose of porn is to produce orgasms for you, the viewer. Porn is about what looks good to you, not about what actually feels good to a woman. For example, most porn keeps a woman’s breasts visible at all times because they are marvellous to look at.However, a woman whose breasts are in full view is a woman who’s missing out on the pleasure of having them touched (see below). ) And while it is true that no sex advice works for every woman, I can tell you that most women are not crazy about such beloved signature porn moves as mechanically jackhammering a woman with your cock while paying zero attention to her clitoris.Same deal with bending her into spine-endangering positions in order to get her ladybits up in the air while her face is jammed into the bedding. They are fun to look at, fun to hold, and just fun to be around in general. Hell, I’ve even had sex with some of you and enjoyed it quite a bit. We share a common interest in having sex with ladies.

You’re fun to hang out with and play pool with and talk to.As someone who has been on both sides of the lady sexing equation, I feel like I am remarkably positioned to do you a solid.A solid that may boomerang agreeably in my favour one day, true, but mostly a solid that will help you and women and the spreading of joy in general.So without further ado, here’s what I would tell you if I knew you really well and we were hanging out as friends (and if we were maybe a drink or two in). The facts are that every woman’s body is different and every woman’s mind is different.I know that sucks: I’d love a set of clear and infallible instructions leading to guaranteed ladygasms too. While there are certainly intersections, what turns a woman on and/or what gets her off can be very different than what worked for the last woman you were with.So that means you’re going to have to do two things: Talk to her about what she likes and pay attention to her reactions when you try something.