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Basically you need to take any chance that might help you get to the final table.

Online poker is now a very popular game that manages to attract a lot of people that are new to the concepts and strategies.

The vast majority of online poker players are playing the tournaments since there they are given the chance to win prizes that are worth significant amounts of money.

The poker freerolls are offering a chance to play poker, win real money prizes and One of the best ways to learn the strategies you have to adopt while playing online poker tournaments is by playing them and the freeroll tournaments are an excellent way to do it.

Back in the past when the number of new players that joined the freerolls used to be a lot higher and therefore it was easier to win them.

One of the first things that you should know about freeroll tournaments is that the players tend to be a lot more aggressive compared to a normal tournament and this way they are a little bit more careless about their stack of chips.

At the beginning of an online poker freeroll tournament you should always make sure that you play very tight.

This means that you should never try to bluff or to play the hands that are not strong.

You should just stick to the strong hands like AA, KK, AK and other hands that can be considered to be premium.

As the tournament evolves you need to adapt your strategy to the new conditions of the game.

At the middle stages of a freeroll there will be a good number of players eliminated and it seems like a perfect time to do your best in accumulating more chips.

This means that you need to loosen up your play and unless you are in the top 10 players, you should start taking some risks.