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Additionally, in those public places in the real world there are police walking around…parents…other kids….folks that can stop them or at least identify them.A sex offender on a SNS can hide, manipulate, and prey, without much concern about someone seeing them and/or identifying them before they strike.

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The article noted: “ But local law enforcement is almost powerless to monitor sex offenders allowed to use websites such as Facebook. Sex offenders, last time I checked are not a protected class. Some users may actually join Facebook or at least feel some comfort in joining because of this policy.

‘We have our hands tied, unless they’re supposed to refrain (from using social networking),’ said Steuben County Sheriff Joel Ordway. They join with the belief that sex offenders aren’t allowed on the website, a belief that is enforced by Facebook’s policy on reporting sex offenders for action.

Ted Murray, Hornell police chief, agreed with Ordway. That is what is called “freedom of association,” another one of those constitutional rights we have.

‘Unless they’re on probation or parole, there are no restrictions prohibiting them from being on a site like that (Facebook),’ he said.” 1 So we have articles noting a legal challenge against a law restricting sex offenders from Facebook and another noting a different state’s law enforcement being practically powerless to remove sex offenders from social networking sites (SNS). So a private company sets up a rule excluding a non-protected group from joining, a group that represents a risk to minors.

I am sure the courts will decide whose rights are more compelling, the sex offender’s first amendment right or the general public’s to associate with whom they chose.

During the discussion we need not forget that SNS are fundamentally different from other communicationvenues in the real world.

A sex offender can be anyone they want to be on a SNS. They can pretend to be several different people, all in an attempt to entice or mislead a minor.

They can’t easily accomplish these tricks in the real world.

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