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Princess Cruises last lost a passenger overboard from one of its cruise ships in May of this year when a man disappeared fro the eight day "Glacier Bay cruise" which started on September 4, 2016 and ends on September 11th, in Seattle.

The woman reportedly was employed for two contracts for NCL.

The Sitka Sentinel reported that the woman was reported missing from the at a.m.

on Thursday when she was noticed to be absent from her cabin.

NCL security personnel later looked at CCTV which revealed that she had gone overboard while the vessel was under-way.

The Coast Guard in Sitka launched a helicopter and the station in Juneau launched the 45-foot Coast Guard Cutter yesterday. The woman's Facebook page this evening has many photographs and comments posted from her friends commemorating her life.

TV 2 Nyhetene is Norway's TV 2 regular news that has been shown every day since the start of 1992, at and at .

The news was voted the Gullruten 2004 best current affairs program (news, sports and debate).Title: Nyheter - TV2Description: TV 2 er Norges beste nettsted for nyheter, sport, underholdning, vær, tv-guide og video.Created: 02 November 2010 Owner: TV 2 AS Related searches: Tv 2 Nyheter No % Kopibeskyttet, se Rights restricted by ship this weekend after the ship departed from Shanghai and was heading to Japan. The newspaper further states that the woman was confirmed missing at P. This means that, in all probability, the cruise ship was not equipped with an automatic man overboard system, requiring the security team to manually reviewed the surveillance footage after-the-fact.The newspaper says that the the woman last seen at 7 P. It took almost 24 hours after the passenger disappeared for Princess to realize that she had gone overboard from the cruise ship. A "surveillance camera (reportedly) showed she jumped into sea from the public area on the 15th deck of the Sapphire Princess on pm on Saturday, Princess Cruises China is quoted saying.