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[But] I will say, as much as it's organic, Robin and Simon very much [have] brother and sister love. If we'd started making out [in] season one, [we] would have been, "Oh, yeah, that's what we do. They're not rip-their-clothes-off, jump-in-the-hot tub kind of people. Even that aspect of the characters is true to real life.We go to work, we make out." But [now] we're like, "Wait a minute! Tunney: The thing that scared me about that a little was — look, the relationship was something that formed after six seasons of people knowing them a different way, and [we were] wanting not to force the closeness.

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' The 34-year-old Welsh actor popped the question to his 27-year-old jewelry designer girlfriend Gigi Yallouz.

The happy couple have been dating since the start of this year and are set to be married in June of 2013.

said farewell to its fans with one last surprise ending.

The CBS procedural took a final bow Wednesday with a two-hour finale that saw Jane (Simon Baker) threatened by a serial killer after returning to his old life as a fake psychic.

The team stepped in to save him, meaning he and Lisbon (Robin Tunney) could tie the knot and start planning for their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

Tunney and series creator Bruno Heller spoke with about how the planned ending for the series changed as the characters evolved, why Baker and Tunney needed to be coached on kissing and whether more new episodes could be in the cards for the series.

See more Saying Goodbye: TV Shows Ending During 2014-15 Season When did you decide that a wedding was in the cards for Jane and Lisbon?

Has that been something you've hoped would happen for quite some time?

Heller: It's sort of like life because it's been going on so long — it's hard to pinpoint the moment where this ending seemed like the natural place to go.

But over seven years, as we became family, this just became the natural consummation to be hoped for.

We never knew whether we could get to that point because in show business, nothing is given for tomorrow.