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, common goals are shared, but some new features have been added while others have been refined.Like the original, this game focuses a lot on the “social” aspect, making the game more like an MMO than a typical online game.It’s meant to cater to both offline and online gamers, although to experience the game to its fullest, the online mode is where it’s at.

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you start out your game life as a hopeful racer, get a chance to prove yourself, and then begin working your way up the ranks.

But here, ranks just don’t seem to matter as much, as there’s no official “top” of a list.

Across the asphalt, classic and off-road championships, there are three main rivals to beat, but there’s no real sense of glory gained even if you do wipe ’em out.

, the racing styles from both of those games is essentially merged into one total package.

So, once the championships are all done with, earning money can become a bit of a grind, but that does mean that there are the game offers you, there are many gameplay hours to be had.

I’d estimate that most gamers will happily get 30-40 hours out of this one, and completionists will get at least 100.That’s not to say that all of those gameplay hours will be rip-roaring fun, however, as there are some game mechanics (no pun) that I tend to find rather needless, or frustrating. Even though you’ve already been accepted to race in a championship, you must for some bizarre reason prove yourself and take part in gruelling tests.You must complete these in order to partake in the championship, so they can’t be ignored.“Asphalt” is typical street racing and is where all the exotic or high-performance vehicles belong. Racing here can also take place on the streets, but it features classic automobiles instead, such as a Lotus Esprit S3 or ’57 Chevrolet Corvette.The third racing type is “Off-road”, and it’s quite honestly one of the strongest-suits of .A common complaint of the game since its launch is that the car handling is horrible (something I don’t agree with), but that’s far from being the case in off-road racing.