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GSISCO is a high speed, always-on, bi-directional broadband Internet via satellite.

Broadband via satellite is available to anyone, regardless of location, and GSISCO is sold through local service providers in many countries across the Middle East The first and only live 24 hour Farsi/English Site on the Net. We have been on the net one-one half years, believe in FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY FOR IRAN, everyone is welcome here to air their views openly.

News, interviews, call in talk programs from around the world with Mr. The best word processor does Farsi (Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, etc.) Nisus Writer is the choice of professional writers, editors, secretaries, programmers, students, and business people.

is the upgrade for anyone on the Internet or anyone who wants to be.

With more than 50 powerful new features, Mac OS 9 offers a full suite of capabilities for new and advanced users.

Now comes with multi-language capabilities built in -- Farsi, Arabic, Greek, and others. You get assigned an ICQ number, which is like a phone number that others can call you or you can call others with.

started broadcasting its Persian programs in Gotheburg, Sweden in April 98. The current Iranian national flag is shown because it is the current flag regardless of whether or not one agrees with the politics of the current government. - The description of this site by it's passionate creator Shahram Akbari : "This page is dedicated to the great people of Khouzestan province.

Programs include a mixture of Iranian and western music, social and cultural subjects. We apologize to anyone offended but as realists we believe change takes time and comes from within. Especially those who chose to stay in Abadan and Khoramshahr in the first few weeks of war, with sticks and stones in hand, to defend this beautiful land from Iraq's agression.

In particular those who lost their lives in this way." Internet & intranet business solutions and services with members in business, trade, finance, laws, services, engineering, industry, tourism, insurance, real estates and banking in the Middle East, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.Despite the recognition of the logical and linguistic complexities inherent in the study of number (Jespersen 1924; Lyons 1968; Corbett 2000; Sharifian/Lotfi 2003), this grammatical category is still among the most underestimated ones.Verb-argument agreement and how it relates to semantico-cognitive aspects of our mental life are left even less explored in our surveys.The article is intended to shed light on the yet unexplored complexity of agreement phenomena in Persian, and show why verb-argument agreement deserves a deeper semantico-cognitive analysis.I begin with the number values, and plurality marking mechanisms in Persian.Then verb-argument agreement is explored in terms of the differences it makes between collective and distributive interpretations of events.