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An old archive edition of the Sunday Times newspaper is a very memorable birthday or anniversary gift.

Recipients love to read what was happening in the news on their date of birth or on the day of their wedding.

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Historic Newspapers have the UK’s largest archive of the Sunday Times, stretching back over one hundred years.

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The Sunday Times is part of Times Newspapers Limited; a subsidiary of News International, which is owned by the News Corporation group under world media tycoon Rupert Murdoch.

It is printed each Sunday in broadsheet format and as of December 2008, the paper has an average daily circulation of 1,155,589 copies.

The Sunday Times has traditionally held a moderately centre-right political stance, but it supported the Labour Party under Tony Blair during the general elections of 20.

The Sunday Times was originally called “The New Observer” and it was founded by Daniel Whittle Harvey - later the first Commissioner of the City of London Police - on 18th February 1821.The name of the newspaper was changed to The Sunday Times on 20th October 1822.Despite the choice of title, the paper was unrelated to either The Observer or The Times newspapers at that time.In the first issue of the Sunday Times, the opening editorial announced:“We this day submit to the public a new, and, we hope, attractive and useful publication, the principal object of which is to instil an invigorating spirit, suitable to the character and exigencies of the times in which we live…With respect to our choice of title, we wish to observe, that the times themselves having so materially changed from what they were when the press was free and honest, it became necessary that the very face of our paper should announce our intention to keep pace with the variation of their aspect; we therefore thought no title would better express such intention than that which we have adopted; an appellation which, as it will apply to all future periods, will continue to remind both ourselves and our readers, of the necessity of conforming to the demands of the existing moment, and of making those demands the index and impulsion of our conduct.”The Sunday Times has had a number of owners throughout the years.By 1844, the chief proprietor was Joseph Moses Levy, who also acquired The Daily Telegraph soon after its launch in 1855.Rachel Beer, editor of The Observer, took over the Sunday Times in 1893, before selling the paper to Lord Northcliffe of The Daily Mail in 1908.