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However, they are not able to help us in such a truly important matter as romantic relationships and dating.

Just at that moment I was struck by the thought that namely I had to create such a language course that would help people in the situation in which I was then.I wanted to create a course, helping the rest people to get acquainted easily and nice talk with a Russian partner directly, without dictionaries, translators and unnecessary witnesses!We decided to develop this language course for those English-speaking men who are in close communication with the Russian-speaking women, and are going to meet them in real life.Certainly, our course is also suitable for those who want to learn just a little talking in Russian.After learning of our Russian language course, you will become much more confident in yourself, when you want to communicate with a Russian girl.

You will be able to get maximum pleasure, when you meet with her, and minimum of unpleasant stressful situations.So, thanks to our course you will be able: Until then, Best wishes and good luck with your Russian! To greet people you don't know well (or a group of people), say zdravstvujtye (ZDRAH-stvooy-t'eh) (hello).To greet a person you know well, say zdravstvuj (ZDRAH-stvooy) (hello) or privyet! Note that the first letter v in zdravstvujtye is silent.Hello, welcome everyone to our Russian language course for men. I decided to create this course (together with audio files) proceeding from my personal experience of relations with one of the Russian women.Of course, when I just started communicate with her I was very pleased with this fun adventure. It had begun a series of not very pleasant experiences, up to stressful situations (reaching up the complete confusion) - especially when it started to go well and came to dating.I would like, as well as all men, to enjoy by the really interesting and exciting communication, but the proverbial language barrier completely spoiled all impressions.