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People who have bad experiences (a ‘bad trip’) can feel confused, irritated or suffer from panic attacks, paranoia and depression. Well, the effects of Amsterdam magic truffles don’t last as long as mushrooms.A magic truffle trip starts after 10 minutes to 1 hour.

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In March of 2008, a 17 year old French girl famously died after jumping of a bridge in Amsterdam.Allegedly, the girl had been under the influence of magic mushrooms.This was not the first incident and by December of 2008, magic mushrooms were put on the list of ‘hard drugs’.Comparable to so called , smart shops sell drug related paraphernalia like (water) pipes, rolling papers and tips, grinders, vaporizers, weed seeds and home grow kits for marijuana and mushrooms.Although magic mushrooms are now forbidden, there are magic truffles in Amsterdam available, also called , that contain the natural ingredient of psilocybin.

When eaten, they have a similar effect as magic mushrooms.Although the effects of magic truffles depend very much on the person who takes the drugs (expectations, experience) and the surroundings (noisy, quiet, secure).In general, sensatory feelings change and most people feel relaxed.The booming days of smart shops in Amsterdam have long gone.Ever since the Dutch government banned the selling of dried magic mushrooms (in 2008) and fresh magic mushrooms (in 2009) by law, many Amsterdam smart shops had to close and focus on online sales.This means magic mushrooms are not for sale any longer, but powerful substitutes such as Amsterdam truffles Dragon’s Dynamite are easy to get at Amsterdam smart shops and online at their internet shops.