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He couldn’t find his way home and cried a lot when he drunk. After Shool’s Nana, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In, Sistar’s Bora, IU, and SNSD’s Sunny are some of Joongki’s fangirls. Ga In said she really likes everything about Song Joong Ki.

On July 9, SBS’s “Running Man” revealed Lee Kwang Soo and SISTAR member Bora’s couple photo from their upcoming episode.

Along with the photo, they disclose info about the 307th episode being a “Summer MT special – Thumbs Up Couple Race.” The snapshot copies Instagram and replaces it with “Sistargram.” In the photo, Lee Kwang Soo and Bora face each other with Lee Kwang Soo appearing a bit bashful and Bora laughing cheerfully.

The frame includes the phrase “[sound of a beating heart] the first date is the best.” A hashtag for the phrase “today’s our first day [as a couple]” is included as well.

Previously, “Running Man” revealed photos of the other SISTAR members with their respective “Running Man” partners.

Still, to celebrate our Joong Ki’s birthday so I collect this. He was born on September 19th 1985, the year of cow.

The facts are taken and compiled from some interviews, shows, and events he attend. He lived in Taejeon before move to Seoul for his career. He became the model in Tei’s sad ballad MV, Poisonous (Wicked) Tongue. When he was small, he don’t like people to call him ‘pretty’. Since before debut, he always put a sunscreen when he goes to play basketball. He likes to sing ballad song and want to play guitar when singing like Bruno Mars. He has an older brother who is very different from him (masculine and muscular) and a seven years younger sister named Song Seul Ki. When his younger sister’s friend ask her to get Joong Ki’s autograph, she said, “ x D) 11. His ideal woman is the one who both looks cute and sexy. ) and he would look smart if he told about the major to his girlfriend. He ever smoke several time in his college days, but now he’s taking care and purposely keeping away of cigarette and alcohol. because of his baby faced look, many people dont believe that he’s really a university student (and over his mid-20s already). He said he likes IU’s lips and glad to see when she sings. On an Elle Girl interview (July 2010) he confessed that he had broke up with his long-time girlfriend about three months ago. Alchohol and cigarettes are things he doesn’t really do. He is a college student in Sungkyunkwan University, majoring Business Economics. He even won an award for perfect attendance, and was the student body president.