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Also, choose the "Create" menu item from the "Scaffold template" drop-down box.When we click the "Add" button, a view template of our "Create" view (which renders the form) looks like the one below: Our Wizard will have 3 steps.The first ask for Username and email address, the second step asks for First and Last name, and the third asks for Age and Biography.

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Also we'll need to hide the steps when the view renders to the end user, so define the following CSS class in the same Index.cshtml template, or you can do it in a .CSS file: We have to add navigation buttons to the template.Add the following two buttons to the end of the template: We will need to handle the button clicks on the client side.The "Next" button takes the user to the next step, while the "Back" button takes them to the previous step.Wizards can improve web sites usability by breaking an overwhelming list of questions into multistep simpler forms.

A wizard collects information and submits all of it at the end, the user can go back and modify their answers when they want. NET MVC is so flexible, there are many ways to create wizards in MVC.

In this post, I will show you a nice technique to create a wizard with the aid of j Query.

The intrinsic idea is to divide a single form by wrapping each set of questions in one container (e.g. Although you are not restricted to Razor, it's the recommended view engine by many professional web developers because of its fluid, concise, and robust nature. This will bring the "Add Controller" dialog: We'll name the new controller "Wizard Controller".

) , and all the rest of the work including navigation is done in javascript. When we click the "Add" button, Visual Studio will add a default "Index" action: Now we will implement the View associated with the Wizard Controller's Index action.

Now to implement the view right-click within the "Wizard Controller.

Index()" method and select the "Add View" command to create a view template for our home page: We will need to modify some of the settings above.