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In May 2005, the Texas House of Representatives approved a bill that would punish schools that allow overly suggestive cheerleading dances and routines. Well, the new bill didn't actually define what's too sexy, but the Texas politician who put forward the new bill, said "they know it when they see it." He also said he doesn't want to see anymore cheerleaders, "shaking their behinds and breaking it down." Other parents and coaches say they want cheerleading skirts to be longer and they don't want cheerleaders showing off their midriffs.

Are the cheerleading routines at your school too sexy? Or are a bunch of uptight adults making a big deal about nothing?

what you think about sexy cheerleading uniforms and routines!

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This is for the grownups: You can't shake your butt and dance around like we can!

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Levels 1 and 2 are similar, simple move the hand over girl’s body and hold down the mouse button to perform sexual action.Level 3 is played the same way, but with one exception.Is there too much booty shaking in school cheerleading routines?Are cheerleaders showing too much skin while trying to cheer on their teams?Some people say school cheerleading routines have become too sexy...Cheerleading routines could soon be banned from school football games and other events because they're too sexy.