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They are unintelligent and risque, crass and dirty. Mil to lo." (The boy I have chosen for you is very special. It is an invisible story which is familiar but not really. Of women who find neither sex nor intimacy in marriages.

Yet they make anywhere between Rs 5,000 and Rs 20,000 a night. At least meet him.)Six days on the gigolo trail, I have met ten-twelve male whores in Delhi and Mumbai. It is about heterosexual men who will try sex with bisexual boys to kick boredom.

Mansi's voice is insistent: jo ladka maine aapke liye chuna hai, woh bahut special hai. Of young men selling themselves to support a fantasised lifestyle.

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It is four in the afternoon and I am waiting for a whore at a Delhi coffee shop. His pimp, a girl who calls herself Mansi, allays my restlessness with hot sell on the phone.The twist in the tale is that unlike female prostitution, it is not driven by heart- wrenching majboori.Most men are in it for mega bucks and the sheer fun of it. We get taken out to nice restaurants for dinner and drinks and then to the disco," says Mike, a 21-year-old who has joined me from a disco in a top-notch five star hotel in Mumbai.After all, men can't be forced to "do it" if they don't want to."Yes, I love doing it," chorus Rohit, Amit, Mike. Gelled, streaked hair and jewellery—rings, pendants, bracelets in weird designs. Aunty is a Mumbai term for loaded women who shop for sex."I charge Rs 1,000 an hour and up to Rs 5,000 for a night," warns Mike as we get into a taxi. His crotch-hugging jeans add to his crassness and he smells as if he's emptied a bottle of cologne. Some aunties pay just to hold hands while others will lie with their 'boys' in bed refusing to be touched.

Unintelligent and boring, he's all pectoral, nothing else. Dosti (friendship) is another buzzword in this trade where actually friends are few. I found him through one of the 150-odd massage parlour advertisements that regularly appear in the weekend classifieds of all top dailies.

He plays the only game he knows and sends me dirty messages across the table. So he hints at what all he can do in the bedroom and that I would be wasting my money if I just talk to him. Quite a few of these places that offer herbal, ayurveda and relaxation massages are links to buy sex.

They 'guarantee' satisfaction, promising male or female, home or hotel facilities.

Some are escort services that will send you arm candy for the night.

Others offer body to body massage—which means sex—starting from Rs 1,500 or more for an 'encounter'.

Some send photographs of the gigolos on email or mms to choose from.