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Mansion, commencing at the corporation line east, runs west to corporation line. Marshall Avenue commences with the corporation line north 5 runs south to corporation line.

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Prospect commences east of Gordon ; runs west to Cherry. Pearl commences on Kalamazoo ; runs east and north-east to Mad- ison, and south-east to Marshall Avenue. Oak, commencing on Monroe, runs east to Marshall Avenue. Whole number of children in the district between the ages of five and twenty years, Sept. Mulberry, commencing near north line of Sycamore Street, runs south to railroad. Present officers : Elders — ^Ira Nash, George Ketchum, George H. Monroe, commencing at south-east comer of Court-house Square, runs south-easterly to Walnut. Ford, appear as those of the pastors of this church up to the present time.

Montgomery runs from Marshall Avenue north-east and east to Cedar. Mitchell, commencing at Hanover, runs south to railroad. Michigan commences at Marshall Avenue ; runs east to Cedar. This board meets on the first Tuesday in each month. Washington commences at Marshall Avenue ; runs east to Cedar. Warren commences at Washington Avenue ; runs east to Cedar.