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But through the end of the second part I just wept. The categories I have judged separatly, and it still ended up as an all 10(nearly), but the most exellent parts of this anime are the characters and the great story.

Maybe I will watch the series one day, but for me the serious, mature Kenshin that is portrayed in the 2 OVAS will allways be the one who stays in my heart and soul.

Do see The first OVA or the series before you see this film as it is not stand alone in any way.

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I never saw the third season of the anime, but I could probably tolerate that better than this train-wreck.A lot of people like the animation and character design. The characters all look ugly, with these glazed-over eyes and depressive faces.They look nothing at all as they do in the manga, or even the anime.The Jinchuu Arc has all the important plot-points (the three-front attack, the corpse doll, Rakuninmura and Kenshin putting his demons to rest) stripped out.In this version, all that happens is Enishi kidnaps Kaoru (who doesn't even try to fight him) and leaves a note saying, "Jinchuu".

Kenshin goes to the island alone (instead of with all the others as he did in the manga), fights Enishi, beats him and then offers his life in exchange for Koaru's.

*flips through her manga volumes and can't find one instance of kenshin offering his life to an enemy* Since Kenshin never went through the life-altering experience of Rakuninmura, he really couldn't form a close bond with Kaoru in this OVA as he did in the manga.

That is why five years into their marriage, his attitude was, "Screw my family.

Kaoru goes to the harbor every day to see if Kenshin has returned.

After a while, she starts looking back at her life with Kenshin and all the things that have happened.

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