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(ita),subtle,suburbs,subversives,subway,subways,suckdog,suckle, Sudden nikki,sue & sunny, Suede,sugar, Sugar loaf, Sugarcubes,sugarhill gang,sugarshack,suicidal flowers,suicidal tendencies,suicide, Suicide commandos,sujdovic boris (Scientists),sullivan big jim,sullivan jim a., greenslade.., Sultan mark,sultrees (w/john fay! 282, Third ear band,third eye,third eye foundation,third rail (punk/hc),third world,thirteen moons,thirteen nightmares,thirteen one eleven,this mortal coil,thomas carla, Thomas fred,thomas rufus, Thompson Danny, Thompson linval, Thompson richard, Thorax-wach, Thorinshield, Thorn Tracey,thorogood g. john's jeff and copperwine,bridget, Stack,stackridge,stamey chris (db's),stamford bridge and friends,standard, Standells,stands,stanshall vivian,stanton chris - glen turner, Staples a. ,thermals, These immortal souls, These Trails,they might be giants,thielemans toots,thin lizzy, Thin white line,thin white rope, Thing, Things To Come, Thinking fellers union l. Thompson/ Ketama..),songs ( Sondheim Alan ),songs: ohia,sonic violence,sonic youth,sonic youth (ciccone youth),sonic youth/jim o'rourke, Sonics,sonna,sonny & cher,sons and daughters, Sons of Champlin,sons of ishmael, Sons of the pioneers,sophia, Sopwith Camel, Sorcery, Sorrenti alan, Sort sol (ex sods),sorts, Soul asylum,soul coughing,soul grabber,soul hunters,soul jimmy and the belmonts, Soul Survivors,soulsavers,soulsavers (mark lanegan),soundgarden,sounds progressive,sounds to make you shiver, Soundtrack, Soundtrack ( Ennio Morricone ), Soundtrack (alice cooper...), Soundtrack (blaxpoitation), Soundtrack (burt bacharach), Soundtrack (Charley Cuva), Soundtrack (Henry Mancini), Soundtrack (jack nitzsche),soundtrack(womack/johnson), Soundtrack-mick jagger, Soup,soup dragons, Souster Tim,souther hillman furay band,southern comfort,southern death cult,southside johnny,southside johnny -asbury jukes, Southwest F. 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