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Kinjal Rajpriya and Anuradha Mukherjee Days of Tafree stone unturned in supporting all the rest did not.

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156 minute story Days of Tafree about it in college four different patterns revolves around friends.

The story Days of Tafree begins with a hookah parlor, where Vicky (excerpt Bagri) to tell his father so strict Nikhil (Kudos Sony) also reveals something of his father’s strict.

Now, in the dark of the night come out of the parlor, in the meantime, Suresh (accumulation Goswami) is vomiting Vicky Nikhil then takes the keys of the car and hit the vehicle is going through fast.

Now Daljit aka The Bride (Singh Bindra), Nikhil and Suresh to the hospital are all Vicky.

The whole story of the film Days of Tafree goes into flashback.

Vicky has shown that, Nikhil, very close friend and Vicky Suresh where the groom and his father is afraid to come to the phone in front of his father, while Suresh tries to show very decent and clingy type, Days of Tafree but in college entry as he himself tries to show others the rough-tough.

All the teachers in the college class vying fiercely harass bunk.