Ramadan fuck blasphemy

In the week leading up to Ramadan, Facebook was flooded with campaigns and calls for some serious TV censorship.

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For a moment, we considered the risk of saving the season finale of ?

#We Will Never Forget Ghada While most religions consider blasphemy a religious crime, Egyptian TV considers it sport.

In honor of Egypt’s national pastime, primarily declaring everything and anything blasphemous, we’re breaking down Ramadan’s TV schedule to recognize the greatest accomplishments achieved in blasphemy this year.

Ta7t el Saytara, which is daily broadcasted on six major TV channels as well as You Tube, is currently under attack for “destruction of morality”, allegedly brainwashing the Egyptian people and perpetuating “drug culture”.

MBC Egypt reportedly just received a warning from the censorship authority demanding Imam’s show be taken off the air. Also, if you feel inclined to sue anyone on TV, sue Ramez Galal.

All jokes aside, Egyptians are quick to demand censorship for anything that they find mildly “offensive”.

If you believe these TV shows break your fast, ruin the spirit of Ramadan or offend you for any other reason, just don’t watch them.

The UAE Ministry of Interior’s ‘999’ magazine recently published research that stated 72 per cent of expats in the UAE lack knowledge of local customs and traditions.

Despite being almost everyone’s favorite show, it has been by far the most controversial one this Ramadan.

In fact, just last week, a lawyer filed a lawsuit to take it off the air.

People are apparently specifically alarmed by Jamila Awad’s character, Hania, a 16 year-old girl experimenting with sex and drugs.