Proof that online dating works

Therefore, online dating does present a high risk for foul play.

Members can make online dating work by using caution when selecting an online dating platform.

More than 41 million Internet users have tried online dating at least once.

Some people are still skeptical about online dating despite the high number of users.

Many skeptics are concerned about the risk of predatory practices and dishonesty.

Some people have a mindset that online dating cannot be successful because the members do not initially see each other face-to-face.

Other people simply do not believe that online dating works, and they do not necessarily have reasons for their skepticism.

Statistics show that online dating work for some people.Approximately 20 percent of people who meet online end up in long-term relationships.Approximately 17 percent of people who meet online end up getting married.The statistics are not as successful as those of people who meet in person are.However, they do prove that online dating can work.Online dating is just a platform that people use to extend their reach to prospective mates that may live far away.