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It's ridiculous fun, with hokey CGI and animatronics.The animatronics are great and make me miss the 90s.

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Voight's presence also unites the rest of the cast, and each character gets their own heroic captain moment.

Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. However, Eddie dispatches hundred of different species of snakes airborne with a time operated device in the luggage to release the snakes in the flight with the intent of crashing the plane.

They embark in the red-eye Flight 121 of Pacific Air, occupying the entire first-class.

He is protected and persuaded by the FBI agent Neville Flynn to testify against Eddie in Los Angeles.

Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. This stranger's hobby is to capture the giant Anaconda snake, and plans to continue targeting it on their boat, by any means necessary.

When a documentary crew traveling through the Amazon jungle, picks up a stranded man, they are unaware of the trouble that will occur. After a sudden underwater tremor sets free scores of the prehistoric man-eating fish, an unlikely group of strangers must band together to stop themselves from becoming fish food for the area's new razor-toothed residents. To stop the monster (and its babies), an earthworm scientist, his reporter ex-girlfriend, and other unlikely heroes team up to save their city. Follow IMDb on Facebook A giant, reptilian monster surfaces, leaving destruction in its wake.After the first anaconda breaks through the glass to get Terri, Serone shoots the snake in the mouth with a tranquilizer dart.As the snake reacts to the dart, you can clearly see the wires under him that are controlling his actions.