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We will stop in Hawaii for a few moment to refill our fuel and continue to Los Angeles. What effect does a common chemical deicer have on concrete surfaces?It is widely known that deicers containing ammonium nitrate and/or ammonium sulfate will chemically attack concrete.

The do, however, depress the freezing point of water.This action normally increases the number of freeze/thaw cycles that water goes through, which in turn can increase the potential for concrete scaling.Each time water in concrete freezes, it expands approximately 9%.The resulting hydraulic pressures can exceed the strength limits of the concrete, causing pitting and/or scaling.The greater the number of freeze/thaw cycles water goes through within concrete, the greater the potential for concrete damage.

Calcium chloride pellets are the fastest acting deicer at all temperatures down to -25ºF.

Rock salt provides adequate, economical performance at temperatures at or just below 32ºF.

As temperatures drop below freezing, rock salt’s ice-melting performance slows substantially which can cause freeze-induced expansion pressures by increasing the number of freeze/thaw cycles.

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