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Minecraft, which was launched by the development team Mojang, is a open-world multiplayer game with a crafting system, which has established itself through its simple but yet complex opportunities.With a prepaid gameserver of Nitrado, the player has the possibility to dive into this unique world to experience exciting adventures there.

From this moment on, the player can choose, where his adventure will go.

He can start to build impressive buildings, explore huge cave systems and dungeons or simply enjoy the beautiful world with its different biomes.

However, these experiences have not to be denied alone, because by using a gameserver of Nitrado it is possible to share his success with other players and enhance the fun of the game even further.

Also, the game offers a good Pv P mode, so the players can measure who is the best fighter on the server.

But after the highest buildings were built, forests and other regions were scoured it is still far from over.

Through the huge and ambitious community of minecraft there are nearly infinite possibility of plugins and modifications, to give the server its own charm.

These configurations can be set directly via the provided web interface on all game servers.

But if this is to complicated, Nitrado provides a possibility to install the most popular modpacks directly on the gameserver through a one-click installation via the webinterface.

This Plugin is a replacement for the old chatmanager from Permissions Ex, which is no longer supported, but it can be used with any other public Permissions plugin, too.

Commands Permissions Values I'm not the first author of it, I only keep chatmanager updatet and I added more plugins to it.

I added an updatechecker which checks for new versions on this page, but if you want do disable it, you can do that in the