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The Puccios appeared to be a typical middle-class family from the district of San Isidro, with aspirations of moving up into upper class.

The family was composed of Arquímedes Puccio, the family patriarch; Epifanía Puccio, his wife; Alejandro, their eldest son and a star rugby player; Daniel "Maguila", their middle child, who'd left the country years ago and hadn't kept in touch; Silvia, their eldest daughter and a school teacher; Guillermo, their youngest son, still in high school; and Adriana, their youngest daughter, who is in middle school.

At the end of the Falklands War in 1982, Arquímedes, who had been working for the state's intelligence services in operations to capture communist guerrilla fighters, becomes unemployed.

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Alejandro starts to collaborate with his father in order to identify potential hostages, taking advantage of his popularity among friends and acquaintances to not raise suspicion.

The first victim is Ricardo Manoukian, a friend of Alejandro's.

Though the kidnapping is successful, Arquímedes kills Ricardo anyway, to avoid any chances of being identified as the kidnapper.

After discovering that Ricardo had been killed, Alejandro has a lapse of conscience, but his father convinces him to keep the secret by assuring him that if Ricardo had been left alive, he would have identified them as the culprits and gotten them all arrested.

With the economic benefits of the ransom, the Puccios improve their economic situation and, by early 1983, they replace their family deli with a successful store selling sporting equipment.

Alejandro meets a girl called Monica at the store and, after a few dates, she becomes his girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Gustavo Contenpomi, a friend of Arquímedes who was furious after he was deceived in a business deal with entrepreneur Florencio Aulet, contacts the Puccios, and suggests they make Florencio their next victim.

Instead, Arquímedes and his cronies kidnap Florencio's son, Eduardo, since he was one of Alejandro's friends, thus making it easier to lure him into a trap.

The Aulets pay the ransom, but Eduardo has already been murdered and his body buried in a shallow grave on an empty construction lot.

In December of 1983, after the return to democracy in Argentina, Arquímedes goes to visit military officer Aníbal Gordon in prison - who had participated with Puccio in the kidnapping of a businessman in 1973 - and asks for advice on how to continue with the activities of the Clan in the new political landscape.

Gordon advices him to lie low, since the military will have more difficulty protecting him now that they've lost control of the country, but Arquímedes does not heed the warning.