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If a person has sent you a nice message then reply and at least let them know that you're not interested. Personalise your replies: When sending replies make sure that they're personalised and not just a standard message you send out to everybody who gets in touch with you.

Even if you have too much on your hands respond appropriately.

After all, you're dealing with people who have real emotions.

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THOUSANDS of singletons across the UK will log on to the world of online dating this weekend.Dating sites across the country claim this is their busiest time of year as people put the party season behind them and look towards the next 12 months.The Internet may be a major influence in building new relationships but meeting someone online is very different to meeting a partner in a bar or in the office.If you conduct yourself properly while messaging people online it could earn you good friends and even the love of your life.Good online dating etiquette is essential if you want to make the right impression and attract the right partner.

Honesty is important: Truthfully answer the questions asked by the dating site administrator when setting up your profile. If you are not a brain surgeon then don't say you are.What if you met a person online that could possibly lead into a relationship?They would surely learn about the things you've made up.If you do tell porkies you will only embarrass yourself in the long run.Handling rejection: Online dating allows you to connect with other people by sending emails and messages but if you don't get many responses it can sting a bit.You have to be realistic and realise when dating online you will get knock-backs and you will have to chat to loads of people before you probably speak to someone you actually want to meet.