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Overall good so far I'm in 37th episode right now, just wished if the drama was shooted in real location like, my husband got a family. I started to watch this drama from around episode 24 right around when Ms. absolutely hate that thyo jin...doesn't she have anything else to do besides running behind that jerk kang jae like a dog,carrying his bag and coat? now the only thing that keeps me going is bromance between eun Jo and director.them together.

Wang family was also studio shooted but it was much better. Goo starts coming out a lot, actress Kim Sora makes the drama more interesting. After ep23, I finally decided to stop watching,is too frustrating to watch that parasite of an aunt putting her nose into her brother's matters acting as if she has every right in that house. It is actually an old popular song called '내가 말 했잖아' meaning I told you.

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It's really a good drama to watch with your family. Every episode of the drama always funny, awkward and sad. But the father's case filed against his children is ridiculous. If i was one of the children, somewhere along those dialogs i would have said : did i ask you to give birth to me?

For all actors & actress you already have a good acting and doing the best for this drama. this drama made me crying so hard and also laughing out loud. Kang Shim and Kang Joon character making me really really angry at first, but deep inside they are really love their father. @Filae, you have summed up all that make this drama good.

It tells a believable, heartwarming story about universal family issues. I don't mean to insult people that are trying their best.

I don't really watch dramas that run into 50 plus eps. This is a budget drama so don't expect frills like grandiose bldgs, fanciful oversea shoots with music from popular singers to prep up the mood in every other scene. But aside from Yoo Dong-Geun as the father, the rest of the cast are not exactly great thespians. Seoul is only appearing on screen two times each of the recent episode.. Personally I think she rocked the drama in the early episodes until the love triangle began.. She should spend more more time with papa cha, as a daughter.

The overall performance here surpasses many of those hoarding the headlines nowadays, those that sell on looks, popularity, media play and the scream and shouts of the fan base on social media 24/7. And trying to shoehorn in size 10 story into a size 4 plot just doesn't fit. I love this drama especially from the beginning but now Don't really like what is going on...

@Wen Xi:) you're right about the part on cherishing the loved ones. he's cute personality in the drama made it funnier . I am not trying to demean the scriptwriters but the dialogue is awfully fake. I don't know how can suing your children will help to bring your family closer, more like it will fall apart...

The msg of this drama is to appreciate and be patient with our loved ones, including those who fail us again and again. And making the everyone seem to be incredibly obtuse and nearly functionally retarded makes it seem they are not actual people but cardboard characters. Characters are simply written to be too stupid, too many useless, uninteresting filler, script is lame by trying force unrealistic actions and reactions. Still will watch this..poor Seoul being dumped by stupid Dal Bong.. I think i hate the older sister more rather than the middle one.does not have any empathy as a woman...don't care much about her love story now her..pouring tea and serving during meeting is more important than her mother's anniversary.a woman.

Many a time we take them for granted and focus only their fails and realize their absence only when they are gone. Seoul and the President is the only sane person in this drama... Dal bong is the only one who has a chance of redemption I think. I loved son dam bi in dream.was such a strong character and here she so disappoints me...can't stand her anymore. I hope this would end airing soon enough so that I could buy a copy of this .

Drama series follows the daily lives of a chaotic family. (= This one just popped up on KBS World TV on You Tube, so I went to the cast page here to see who was in it. The story is fast paced n filled with interesting characters who i want to see more of.

Moon Tae-Joo (Kim Sang-Kyung) is the second highest ranking employee at Daeoh Company. Please please don't give this drama a shitty ending. I've observed that most Korean dramas started really well but seriously has shitty endings. Kim Hyun-joo is a great lure for me, but when I see the great veteran talents (Yang Hee Kyeong, Kyeon Miri, Na Young-hee, etc.) the deal is sealed! The father is so warm-hearted but i feel so sorry for him n the unappreciated aunty who takes care of the family.

He thinks he's better than most other people and he also has a trauma with love. Good drama.cowaa...i love all the character,seo-dal couple is refreshing,shim-tae couple is KJ loveline is as same as other kdrama story,and how come he's so rude to his father?