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Ironically, practically the only people on earth who will buy Palestinian olives and olive products in large quantities on reasonable commercial terms are Israelis.Most Palestinian olive exports take the form of “gifts” to family members and influential parties in the Arab world.

It may be the case that lack of economic opportunity inspires Palestinian terrorism.

It is certainly the case that Palestinian terrorism prevents the emergence of Palestinian prosperity.

As that dopey Palestinian bomb-thrower found out, fire doesn’t care whom it burns. Fire is one of those basic, fundamental, elemental facts of life.

So is poverty, which is the natural state of human beings.

The connection is not lost on the poetically minded: We hear of burning hunger, of famine spreading like wildfire.

There’s a deep connection there, somewhere, between fire and oil and hunger and plenty.

We hear very old stories of a widow’s oil jar that kept pouring until all her debts were paid, of one day’s worth of oil that miraculously burned for eight days, illuminating a temple.

Hopkins, who was a Jesuit priest as well as a startlingly original poet, considered the philosophy of Heraclitus, “the weeping philosopher,” who saw all of nature as one great all-consuming fire, concluding that in the end men are nothing but fuel for it, the spark of their lives extinguished until, as Hopkins put it, “all is in an enormous dark.” For Hopkins, that was only part of the story, and not the most important part: His most famous poem is called “That Nature is a Heraclitean Fire and of the comfort of the Resurrection.” The Resurrection changes the math entirely.

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, inspired a good deal of guilty giggles on Tuesday: A Palestinian thug mishandled his Molotov cocktail and managed to set fire to his T-shirt and then to his keffiyeh, which had his compatriots scrambling to put out the flames dancing on his head.

That was not the sort of halo that the holy warrior had in mind at all — martyrdom, yes, , but not right now.