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: Within 8 working days of arrival, all NON-EU citizens who hold a valid student visa for Italy must apply for a permit of stay for study purposes (Permesso di soggiorno per motivi di studio).The permit of stay is issued by the local Police Department- “Questura - Ufficio Stranieri”- of the applicant’s place of residence in Italy, however the applicant must submit his/her application at a competent Post Office.

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Step 2: DOCUMENTS REQUIRED AT THE QUESTURA UFFICIO STRANIERI (Local Police Station Immigration Office) Bring originals and photocopies of ALL your documents For further information, please visit: Call toll-free: 800.309.309 (English Available) Contact Center: 848.855.888 (to verify your application status) The International Student Desk (ISD) at Bocconi helps students with the permit of stay application procedure.

(1) Health Insurance Coverage is required in order to obtain a permit of stay in Italy.

If you have a private health insurance policy, you must have a certificate in English specifying the starting and ending dates of the coverage with international validity.

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• una volta compilata, firma la Lettera di Vettura per accettare le condizioni generali di trasporto • il destinatario la firmerà per ricevuta al momento della consegna.

• Nota bene: in caso di Servizio Contrassegno riservato ai clienti abbonati, occorre riportare negli appositi spazi l'importo in cifre e in lettere, e come desideri che venga effettuato il pagamento: in contanti, oppure assegno intestato al mittente o a SDA.

Statements of unpaid toll issued by the following companies can be paid online: - Autostrade per l'Italia - Tangenziale di Napoli - Società Autostrade Meridionali - Raccordo Autostradale Valle d'Aosta - Società Autostrada Tirrenica Payment can be made for statements of unpaid toll received directly at toll booths or issued by post in the form of a payment reminder. In this case, the subjects involved are deemed legally responsible for said data processing.

If you are not insured, upon your arrival in Italy, you will need to purchase INA ASSITALIA insurance (please note that this will only cover expenses in the event of emergency treatment and/or urgent hospitalization. INA ASSITALIA: Payment for the Insurance Coverage must be made at the Post Office (ask for a payment form bollettino di pagamento).

Fill out the form: Account Number 71270003, addressed to: INA-ASSITALIA Agenzia Generale di Roma c.

n°20, write your name, last name and address in Italy.