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Learn More gives managers and supervisors a basic foundation for legal compliance, in a straightforward and easy-to-remember way.

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Media Partners offers sexual harassment videos, DVDs, and online sexual harassment training, which address this sensitive subject with practical strategies designed to raise awareness and reach understanding.

Protect yourself, your employees, and your company by educating your people with award winning sexual harassment training videos and create a more respectful workplace in the process.

Through the lens of real situations, this sexual harassment video training addresses a wide range of issues from gossip to sexual harassment and invites team members to make good choices at work.

This best seller also polls viewer's opinions on the problems surrounding harassment and respect.

Learn More Whether the goal is to interview for attitude, set aside their own bias, predict future performance or just keep questions on a legally safe path, this collection of brand new programs this designed to provide managers with the planning and preparation tools they need to substitute dread and anxiety with focus and excitement.

A bold new approach to sexual harassment training that addresses the sexually charged tension between our social lives and our work lives.

Learn how to put your sexuality on hold while at work with this comprehensive training series.

Learn More offers realistic scenarios representing many different forms of harassment based on sex, age, race, disability, religion, and sexual orientation.

This program has specific scenes set in retail locations.

Learn More Unfortunately, Harassment and Bullying can occur in any organization.

This program address these topics in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner so that the learner clearly understands the legal definitions of these issues as well as the impact on employees and organizations.