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The online dating industry made big strides in 2015 and is now one of the most exciting areas for consumer-facing tech business growth.Steve Pammenter, co-founder and COO of Venntro Media Group, Europe’s largest privately owned online dating and lifestyle business, predicts what 2016 may hold.Online dating is now the fourth most common way to meet a partner, according to 2015 research by Mintel.

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That’s up by over a third since 2014 when the market value was £165m.The evident growth in industry confidence was consolidated in November when Match Group filed for an IPO, raising 7m in under a month.Many have attributed the increased confidence in the sector to the ever-increasing demand for mobile dating products like Happn.The French-founded dating app was recently dubbed the ‘less creepy version of Tinder’ and saw a marked surge in popularity, raising £9.2m of funds in 2015 alone.With the marked success of 2015 for the online dating industry, the question to consider is what will 2016 hold?

Venntro, founded in 2003 as Global Personals, is Europe’s largest privately owned online dating and lifestyle business, with 25,000 sites and 45 million members worldwide. Last year, we established new partnerships with more than 70 media publishers in the States, most of whom sought to use online dating to monetise and engage their audiences.This was accompanied by 200% revenue growth in this territory.This is in part due to the lack of maturity of the USA niche dating market, in comparison to the UK, and demonstrates a clear appetite for niche dating services in this territory with scalability.2016 will see the US market scale and successfully monetise niche online dating services.We expect this gap to narrow and to see a surge in niche dating sites launching across the Atlantic.The rapid growth in the market in 2015 was largely due to the demand for a diverse array of services across multiple platforms.