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They hear that shit all the time from people caught and stumbling over lies while trying to create more…and that’s all I heard throughout that video.Even if her father were a lawyer of real usage in this circumstance he still wouldn’t take the case because it’s just a losing battle.Gerg and Lame have to prove what they are accused of is false beyond a reasonable doubt and need to have evidence for that.

Due to the accusations their case would then extend beyond a mere harassment case and to clear their names they would have to allow the court to perform an investigation into their own backgrounds such as all of their social media postings public and private, all of Gunk’s computer harddrives, anything and everything they have like that they would have to give up.

I heavily doubt he would ever consent to that at all…which would make their case come to a quick end right then and there as truly innocent people have nothing to hide.

Realistically though I don’t know why a guy who was publicly humiliated by this guy in front of nearly 2million people and relegated to the title of Mr.

Grump would ever want to see this guy not go to jail, especially after taking advantage of and knocking up his kid…twice.

Weaved within the cultural fabric of You Tube is every base archetype.

Shaycarl: devoted husband, loving father and a notably inspirational figure in digital culture; he’s the Hero, a righteous leader, an honest yet often bullheaded creator.

Then there’s the Jester, or in this case, Jesters — Ian and Anthony of Smosh: two comedic creators far smarter than most give them credit for.

But for every Hero, Jester, Sage and Ruler, there must be a trickster, the bad guy we love to hate.

I just wanted to vent about these two videos real quick.1. My summary: (Everyone hate Dan with me) Dan lied I’m not a professional fanboy, how dare he make money from his fans… I didn’t watch his previous Eugenia Cooney video (I believe it was uploaded last week?

(Instead ship me and Leafy, Leafy is the new Dan) I’m such a fanboy of Leafy even though I hated him for slandering me before but I changed my mind because he’s so cute. ) asking her to get help for her weight, but I read people felt it was genuine and I saw she responded nicely to it on twitter..

I did watch this video and it just really comes off like he’s milking the situation.