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The owner of Moonlite Bunny Ranch - Nevada's most famous legal brothel - describes getting a kiss from Marilyn Monroe and his desire to reclaim the word pimp from its negative connotations in his memoir, The Art of the Pimp.

So, of course I kept going back, a willing student...

I soon realized I had a big problem: I loved f****** and I couldn't get enough of it.'He moved into real estate and became a regular at the Moonlight Ranch brothel in Mound House Nevada.

And when it went up for sale in the early 1990s, he bought it for million in Lyon County, one of the only counties that still allows legal prostitution.

'It's not enough to be a good guy, and it's not enough to buy them s***, and it's not enough to teach them how to make serious money. If you hold back, even a little bit, they know it, and it kills them.'.

Friends: Hof, pictured center, with best friend Ron Jeremy (left) and Joey Buttafuco, once told Jeremy that it wasn't 'enough to be a good guy', because 'if you hold back...

they know it, and it kills them' Narcissist: During a first-hand account of being in a relationship with Hof, Cami Parker says that he tried to change the way she looked constantly, because 'everyone knows Dennis likes skinny little-girl bodies''I walked in and he said, "Hi, I'm Dennis Hof,"' she writes.

'And I remember thinking, "I know who you are." And then he said, "Take off your pants." That was it. Dennis was only the second man I'd ever been with.'She entered the ranch as a 5ft 4in, 107lb woman with A-cup breasts.

But Hof would 'forever tell me to lose weight', and she hit '96 pounds with DDs', which 'led to a very serious - and nearly deadly - eating disorder.

Everyone knows Dennis likes skinny, little-girl bodies'. Sheenah Hankin writes a scathing review of Hof, claiming he 'encourages them to be jealous and yearn for his attention' while laughing at 'how they bicker, bitch and fight with each other over him'.'Dennis uses the women he "loves" for his own desires, loyal companionship and sex,' writes Hankin.

Dennis Hof is the owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, Nevada’s most famous legal brothel thanks to HBO’s late-night reality show “Cathouse,” which starred Hof and some of the working girls in his employ.

In his new memoir, “The Art of the Pimp,” Hof explains how he mixed sales and sleaze to create a more customer-friendly sex trade, while sleeping with enough women to place him alongside Gene Simmons and Wilt Chamberlain.