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Its cutting blades are sharp enough to cut through tough toenails without catching, while the die-cast lever lends additional strength to the cutting.

Antidate Puts The Women In Charge Of Online Dating Forbes Could a new online dating platform have the answers to people's misbehaviour online?

The founders of Antidate believe it just might – the app claims to “flip the rules of dating” by putting women in the driving seat of the online dating experience.

“All he did was talk about his past girlfriends,” she said.

“It was probably one of the worst dates I’ve ever been on.” These are comments we overheard by a woman talking to her friend at a recent HR conference we attended.

"Unlike other dating websites, it's my commitment to operate our business ethically.

This means caring about your privacy, encrypting identifiable data, and never employing fake profiles or software bots.

When we look our best, we feel confident in everything we do—work or play.

Taking care of ourselves means taking pride in who we are, and this is what Fendrihan believes in.

Proud to present a wide range of high-end grooming supplies, our company offers products from around the world,...

Read more Like a voyage to an exotic and tropical destination, Marvis Ginger Mint Toothpaste transforms a gentleman’s boring daily dental care routine to an exciting and unexpectedly delicious delight.

Frosty mint and spicy ginger combine for a tingling bite that makes your mouth feel invigorated and your breath smell a little tropical and a lot wonderful.