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Anime Nurarihyon no Mago season 3 may be one of the best.

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Should we expect that the series Nurarihyon no Mago will be renewed for a third season?

At the moment, nothing can be said for sure, because it was not made an official statement on the matter. Yet if the new series will be released, they should not wait until the fall of 2016. The focus of the audience is male Rica Nour, who is a descendant of the ancient spirits, yokai.

In his veins flows the blood of their words, and it's not easy.

His grandfather, whom everyone styled head of all spirits, yokai, soon to retire and hand over all his powers to the heir.

He is a 13-year-old Rick, but the guy is not happy with such a future destination.

And yet, the moment will come when he will have to choose between their desires and duty. Follow the latest news about the future of the project on our website.

Only here you can find precise information about whether there will be a third season.

It is worth noting that the future of the series of interest to many viewers.

Nurarihyon No Mago manga is now hosting online on Eat Manga, lets start reading Nurarihyon No Mago online now.

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Nurarihyon No Mago online versions are intended for anyone above 13 years old.