New freedating site

The vents that connect Bombsites A and B have been reconfigured to adjust rotation times between the sites.The vents have been converted from an "H" shape to an "S" shape, slightly lengthening traversal time and making it easier for defending T's to hold the site.

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The upper bombsite (A) has been redesigned to make defense a bit more difficult for CTs.

Space in the rafters has been restricted in order to make Squeaky Door rushes more potent and encounters through Mini entrance more predictable.

The bombsite target canisters have been moved toward the rear of the room in order to reduce the exposure from players in Heaven.

T's can take stronger control of site A via a new route over Hut from the bombsite floor to Rafters.

The lower bombsite (B) has received its own changes to make securing the site more dynamic for both sides.

The route from Tunnels to the lower site has been re-introduced through a new Decontamination room (or ‘Decon’).

Toxic storage has been moved toward Ramp Room, giving defending T's more lines of sight on the bomb target.

The plantable area has been expanded, and includes the space on top of the target canister.

Nuke is one of Counter-Strike's most iconic and enduring maps.

First released in November 1999, the map has undergone numerous aesthetic and functional changes over the years, yet always retained its elegant simplicity.

We're excited to announce the latest evolution of Nuke in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.