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I use Skyscanner to find the cheapest way to travel.The routes over the Pacific ocean which was shown at Skyscanner when I searched the whole trip were too expensive.It costed around £4000 one way for a family of 4 so it was not an option for us.

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Then I kept track of when the cheapest trip would be available for us.This can be done through their "alert" tool that sends automatic emails or by searching the "cheapest month" at Skyscanner.The most important thing is to avoid traveling in the summer holidays and long weekends to find lower prices.We decided to go in September, instead of when it was summer holidays in Sweden.Travelling with a family with children that you pay full price for is really something that can dig a hole in your wallet, and is perhaps the reason why many families don't travel as much.

We know that you don't have to stop travelling just because you have children but you will have to use clever tricks to be able to find flight tickets that you can afford.

It can actually be cheaper to go abroad as the food and housing costs could be lower there rather than to have a holiday in your home country - especially if you live in an expensive one like the UK. Our family has been able to go to lots of different destinations and even more luxurious ones such as the Maldives by flying with low cost airlines and using special tricks to get the cheap tickets.

Being able to do this has been an indispensable condition for being able to have our traveling lifestyle for a year.

After going on so many flights that I have lost count I have really been able to perfect my technique to find the cheapest deals.

See my 14 Tips and tricks for finding cheap airline tickets here: The most important thing to be able to find the cheapest tickets is to flexible and go when it's cheap.

When we were in Bali in the summer of 2015 we had to go to Colombia to do something with our hammock business there.