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All pictures are clickable there’s a complete album for each report containing more than those that are show on this page.The album can be found at the foot of these travel reports.

They are not of a professional nature so please take them at face value.

In case anyone’s wondering, I used a Sony DSC-HX5V compact camera for all pictures and videos on the trip.

I feel the camera performed very well, in some cases better than I expected.

The only real issue I would point out is that the wide angel lens warps/stretches the edges of some pictures.

This is a lighthearted report of my wonderful experiences during this my first trip to Japan.

I hope to use this series of reports to provide you with a real insight of a first time visitors perspective to some of Tokyo’s districts and Kyoto including various tourist attractions.I am going to try and list as much detail and information, covering what I undertook during this trip to help anyone interested or perhaps anxious about visiting.If there is anything about my reports that you are unclear about or would like me to go into further detail, please just leave a comment to this article below.I will address them and update this article accordingly.Therefor it may be desirable to revisit nearer your journey to see if I’ve updated anything.Pictures will play an important part of this report too.