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EARLIER today, the authorities in Cyprus announced that they will raise the limit on overseas transfers; the changes come into effect on Monday 16th February 2015.

From that date individuals may transfer up to €50,000/month per person for each credit institution and/or payment institution out of the country, up from a previous €20,000 ceiling.However, the export of Euro notes and/or foreign currency notes in excess of €10,000/person/journey abroad (or the equivalent in foreign currency) are prohibited.Cyprus introduced capital controls in April 2013 to prevent a cash flight after the bailout forced the closure of the Laiki Marfin bank, and the Bank of Cyprus seized deposits to recapitalise.Production Company: Green Olive Films Director: Simos Manganis Exec. v=BVix Uy Y8H2Q Cyprus Finance Minister Submits Resignation watch?Producer: Marinos Charalambous Client: Bank of Cyprus Daphne Prodromou Διευθύντρια Τμήματος Επικοινωνίας Agency: Gnomi Cyprus Nicoletta Charalambous Head of account management© Bloomberg All Rights Reserved - Moody's cuts growth forecast to zero - Moody's previous forecast 1.5%. - Cyprus Gov't is trying to reduce its budget deficit. - They took out the power station and half of their power supply. v=hq2Uy U0wdj M Euro-Zone Debt Crisis: The Next Chapter watch? v=k9gq HNSh38g The EU Won't Let Cyprus Go Bankrupt: Economides watch?