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Liv, a cool, confident, social butterfly who loves to sing, and Maddie, a smart, athletic, high school basketball star, have polar opposite personalities that put their unbreakable twin bond to the test.

Liv and Maddie is an American teen sitcom created by John D.

Liv Rooney is a girly girl who was an actress in Hollywood for four years.She was offered more roles in other shows and movies, but decided to come home instead because she missed her family and wanted to see them again.Her twin sister Maddie is a very competitive tomboy with an aptitude for sports, particularly basketball.They have two younger brothers named Joey and Parker.Joey is one year younger than the twins, while Parker is the youngest child of the Rooney family.

Their father is the coach of Maddie's basketball team, later becoming a coach of a college team in Beloit.

and their mother is the school psychologist and later vice-principal starting in the second season.

The series revolves around Liv readjusting to normal family life after production on her successful television program Sing It Loud! Liv Rooney (Dove Cameron) has returned home from a four-year stint in Hollywood to the open arms of her parents, brothers, and twin sister Maddie (also played by Dove Cameron).

When Maddie confesses she has a crush on a boy named Diggie, Liv disguises herself as Maddie in an effort to win her a date to the upcoming dance. When Liv confesses that she asked Diggie to the dance, Maddie is upset and tells Liv that she wishes Liv had never left Hollywood.

Liv prepares to leave, but her parents stop her, trying to show Liv that twins are special and she and Maddie will always be sisters.

When Maddie is out practicing basketball, Diggie comes up to her and tells her he knew that it was Liv that asked him and that was why he said no, telling her that even though she and Liv have the same face, he knows Maddie. Meanwhile, Joey and Parker attempt to turn their shared bedroom into a bro-cave, but it backfires when Liv almost leaves.