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Writer Arejas Vitkauskas was the first person with our name that I sought out.

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Arėjas began his writing career when a volunteer in the army in the first days of Lithuania's independence. Until occupation of Lithuania in 1940 he was a correspondent for periodicals in Lithuania.Since 1940 he established himself as an American writer, also being an editor/manager of own World-Wide News Bureau, which, besides news and photo reporting, distributes world-wide a weekly column "American Scene".Lorraine is Nature's Hardware, LLC, where all of the products incorporate either natural, renewable or recylced material.Each product identifies how "green" the material is (wherever that is possible).Bring the beauty and elegance of nature into your home with these items.

The public institution 'Lietuvos viršūnės', headed by Vladas Vitkauskas, Lithuania's leading mountaineer, is pursuing efforts to designate Aukštojas Hill as a geographic landmark in the historically important Medininkai region.In 1993, Vladas climbed Mount Everest and received an award from the CIFP (International Fairplay Committee) for assisting a Nepalese colleague in extreme weather conditions.This is art and tech project, to organize archive and offer option to see and check - what info was actual, what designs, technics were used for websites in past.Dear Vitkauskases (Vitkauskai) of the world; Here's a catalog of earthlings with the Vitkauskas name.They range from this site's host, in America, to the editor of the multi-volume Lithuanian dictionary, back in the homeland; from a poet to a general; and, from an insurance agency owner to a computer business manager.This catalog The pronunciation of Vitkauskas seems simple and phonetic to another Lithuanian. "Vitt-kows-kuss" seems close, but not very memorable.