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Baerreis was active and respected among the Badger Stamp Club membership and served as President of the club during 1976-77.

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Founding partners Gene Leitermann and Tony Forman share 39 years of combined experience as theater design consultants.

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This page lists with honor WFSC members who have passed away. Schmitz (Fond du Lac Stamp club), 75, died in Fond du Lac on Sunday, March 4, 1990.

The information is obtained from the "Closed Albums" columns published in Across the Fence Post, and reprinted here, and from the "Closed Albums" sections of the WFSC Annual Meeting Minutes also published in Across the Fence Post (ATFP). Burgett, whohas been Secretary of OPS for many years. Baerreis Across the Fence, February 1990, Page 6 Badger Stamp Club: Dr. Ray was active in the stamp club for many years and served in various official positions, especially secretary and treasurer, which he enjoyed most.

Closed Album - Anne Burgett Across the Fence, February 1990, Page 6 Oshkosh Philatelic Society: Mrs. Anne and Herbert met as young stamp collectors at a club meeting, and a romance blossomed into marriage. About a year ago, in disposing of his collection, he contributed many items to local club members. Meyer Across the Fence, January 1990, Page 2 Robert F. Morser, 76, died on October 2, 1989 Earl had been President of OPS. saved stamps on incoming mail for Earl, and he made the stamps available to others to further the hobby. Schmitz Across the Fence, May/June 1990, Page 2 Raymond N. In 1982, he moved to New Mexico, but continued to correspond with several of his stamp collecting friends in Wisconsin. Morser Across the Fence, February 1990, Page 6 Oshkosh Philatelic Society: Earl J.When you’re dating someone online you never know who’s from the other side of the monitor. She want to look special and ask you for help with some preparation before the date. Our beloved Disney princess Rapunzel can’t wait her online dating to become real one!There are lots of beautiful dresses, shirts, jeans and skirts at her wardrobe.