Kitteh helps with online dating

First thing - BREAK Your Twitter Egg and show your face.For six years I used my favourite avatar drawn by the creator of Ollie the Twitter bird artist, David Lanham, but I've lately had a change of heart. But if you don't have a selfie or a full face pic you're partial to, or you don't want to show your face - go ahead and make an avatar! If you do upload a picture, make sure it's a picture of YOU - not your kids, not your pet, not your classroom, not a group shot where people will always wonder who's who, and not a picture of your car or an inanimate object.

These fail pics will make you feel better the way you flirt on INTERNET. some of them are pretty ugly and the one in mid left is basically saying “what you looking at?!

” The chicken still appears more attractive than the girl across from it…. Then take a tip from these dating experts on how to find your soulmate.

When you hear about a fraudulent account through a customer complaint, it's too late.

The damage is done to your user and your site's reputation.

What if you could pinpoint fraudulent identities at the time of account creation - before customer accounts and identities are compromised?

Online dating sites are a huge target for online fraud.Scammers can create multiple profiles and start "dating" your good users and quickly get to the point where they can ask for money.(Read more about how your users can prevent online dating scams.) They are using sophisticated social engineering techniques and they know just what to say and how to say it.They depend on you not paying attention - after all, it's not your money being stolen.But the first thing your users do when they have a bad experience with a scammer is leave your service.Too many bad memories and too many other online dating sites out there to be tried.