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I had never been on a blind date before, and every rom-com I’d seen made me nervous to go on one.

I was sitting at a high-top table waiting to meet him. Would he be as nice as he seemed through messaging?

Every time the door would open, my eye would flash in that direction to see if it was Jim. Was I about to be the next star of Catfish, the popular MTV series where people with online relationships meet and it rarely turns out to be who they thought it was?

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Tinder, an immensely popular dating app, has become something of a cultural phenomenon.

But with everything I had heard about Tinder, I wasn’t expecting it to be.

On its website, Tinder claims to build relationships between friends and lovers, but it’s notorious for being a hookup app.

Tinder is free and matches users based on their locations, which makes meeting your matches relatively easy. With love in the air and Valentine’s Day around the corner, I decided to join 50 million users, estimated by The New York Times.

My lover’s leap into Tinder wasn’t graceful, and I definitely face planted while trying to navigate the app. (At least Tinder uses proper grammar.) I later found out a Super Like is an upward swipe that indicates you really like a person.

Notifications would appear on my phone saying things like, “You’ve been Super Liked! You can give one Super Like per day, so once I figured out what it meant, I knew I’d picked the right profile picture. Swipe right for people you want to match with and left for people you don’t.

Having to judge someone solely on their profile picture was disappointing to me.

Yes, Tinder allows room to include a brief bio and interests, and it also displays your mutual friends, but the idea of swiping based on a picture goes against what most of us were taught growing up: Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Although looks aren’t everything, I’d be lying if I said they aren’t important.

People are judged every day based on how they dress, act and look.

Looks were even one of the determining factors in whether I swiped left or right.